IV Treatments

IV Treatments

IV treatments are IV therapies that treat chronic illnesses and provide permanent relief of symptoms. IV treatments at Gulf Coast Rehabilitation and Wellness Center provides therapy to a variety of conditions including chronic fatigue, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, low energy, pain management and many other conditions.

Intravenous fluids deliver fluids faster than supplements can be absorbed orally while also infusing minerals, vitamins and nutrients intravenously directly into the cells of your body. The treatment is an infusion process whereby a needle (or catheter) is inserted at a vein in the patient’s arm usually on the inside of elbow, through which a number of bags containing different types of IV therapeutic solution(s) will be administered by gravity drip and/or an IV pump infusion.

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One of the most common reasons our clients come in for IV treatments is to improve their overall energy level and to help them feel more alert and focused. IV hydration therapy helps by delivering fluids, electrolytes and essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream which helps to improve hydration, increase energy and combat fatigue.

Another common reason our clients come in for IV treatment is to receive IV nutrient therapy. This involves infusing a variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream which can help to support general health and well-being, provide relief from chronic pain, boost the immune system, increase energy levels and promote better sleep.

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