School & Sports Physicals

School & Sports Physicals

School and sports physicals are important for keeping children healthy and safe. These physicals check for health problems and help to ensure that children are physically able to participate in sports or other activities..

Many schools require students to have a school physical before they can start school. Sports teams also often require athletes to have a sports physical before they can participate. These physicals check things like vision, hearing, heart health, and muscle strength.

Sports Physicals
Do you need a school or sports physical?  Most sports programs require a sports physical before your child can play.

If your child needs a school or sports physical, it is best to make an appointment with us here at Gulf Coast Rehabilitation And Wellness Center. Be sure to schedule the appointment well in advance, as these physicals can take some time to complete.

The doctor can address any prior injuries and the healing process, including therapy. These exams also give the physician time to discuss things like proper sports nutrition and safe ways to improve performance..

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